Company profile

Corporate Name
TAS Corporation  [WEB SITE]
Kazuyuki Muto
100 million yen
Toyota Tsusho Corporation 100%
Parent company
Toyota Tsusho Corporation  [WEB SITE]
Annual Sales
8,100 million yen
Number of Employees
Head Office
3rd Floor, Chitose Building
26-13 Meieki 4-chome, Nakamura-ku,
Nagoya 450-0002, JAPAN
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Company History

We, TAS Coporation was established in 1949 as auto spare parts whole seller for domestic market. Since then, we have been developing knowledge and skills of the industry.
In 2001, one of major trading company Toyota Tsusho Corporation became 100% of shareholder; we started trading activity specializing in automotive relation. A fusion of our backbones, our original business experience and worldwide trading business experience which was transferred from Toyota Tsusho Corporation generates our innovative business scheme in trading field. We are not only liking suppliers and buyers, we offer an excellent coordinate of supply or purchase for brand new spare parts, used automobile and used forklift truck well hand chosen by our professional staffs.
In 2012 we adopted our present company name from Toyotsu Auto Service Co.,Ltd. at the point of merging with Yokohama Generator Supply who is also a group company of Toyota Tsusho Corporation in order to promote efficient management of both companies as well as creation of further business synergy. We welcome anyone who wish to supply or purchase any automotive related products, we can coordinate your global business opportunity, customers’ satisfaction is our goal. As YOUR BUSINESS PARTNER, WE GO ANYWHERE.